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with soil food web backed science


healthy soil kit

enjoy, larger,  more nutrient dense fruits and vegetables when you use our


Backed by science supporting the soil food web, our kit is crafted to significantly boost your soil's health and productivity using natural and sustainable soil amendments.


By simply using our kit you will introduce every component necessary to enhance the life in your soil, promoting long-term sustainability, healthier and more nutritious plants, improved pest and disease resistance, increased plant root health and exudate production, enhanced nutrient cycling, better soil water retention, and more - naturally.

Just mix each step into water and apply as a foliar spray or soil drench

Receive 4 complete garden treatments plus 6 bonus applications— 2 of Earth’s Embrace and 4 of Green Guardian

*Our kit is perfect for use in small and large planting beds and gardens, and for use in turf and lawn care, restoration projects, and as a composting enhancer.

*Optimize your gardening year-round with our Standard Regenerative Gardening Kit, ideal for 4  full applications in 50-400 sq/ft gardens




Mix each component of our kit into water to create a nourishing "tea" that you will use to water the area you want to restore and enhance. For best results, use the provided measuring tools to ensure accuracy.

soil sanctuary pulverized biochar



Apply the mixture as a foliar spray or soil drench, just like you would with regular watering. This method ensures that your plants receive the essential nutrients and microorganisms they need to thrive.



Reap the lasting benefits of each application by building a regenerative soil ecosystem, gradually reducing and eventually eliminating your reliance on chemical fertilizers.

high quality plant bio stimulant

Enhance the natural services your soil offers your plants.



an organic liquified bio-char charged with nutrients

Step 1

Purpose: To improve soil structure and water retention, and provide a habitat for beneficial microorganisms introduced in step 2.

Enhanced Nutrient Delivery

Synthetic fertilizers hijack natural soil processes, providing only a temporary nutrient boost before leaching away. This means that after their initial application, these fertilizers fail to continually nourish your plants. This greatly disrupts the delicate soil food web's ability to supply your plants with support and nutrition. Instead by harnessing and enhancing the power of the soil food web, our approach supports symbiotic relationships between organisms and plant roots, ensuring sustained and effective plant support and nutrient delivery. This method not only optimizes plant health but also enhances long-term soil fertility.

Soil Food Web Support

Join the movement towards a naturally flourishing garden with our regenerative gardening kit. Crafted to enhance the dynamic soil food web - naturally - our kit boosts microbial activity, cuts down or eliminates chemical inputs, and ensures sustainable plant growth. 

Natural Perks

Boost soil biodiversity, enhance plant vitality, reduce water usage and gardening costs, boost natural pest resistance, promote pollinator health, improve nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, and more...

Garden Soil



Soil is a bustling hub of life, essential for nourishing plants. Most of the vital nutrients that plants require come from this dynamic, living soil.

Enhance this vibrant ecosystem with our specially crafted kit. It provides the necessary shelter, life, and nourishment to help your soil and plants work more efficiently together.

plants get energy from the sun


grow nutrient dense vegetables


feed the microbes in the soil

Benefits you'll see & taste

Functionality You Will Love


Enhanced Plant Growth

Experience a visible enhancement in plant growth and productivity with our kit. It enriches the soil, improving aeration and drainage, which are essential for robust root development. Improved soil structure allows roots to access oxygen and nutrients more efficiently, leading to vigorous plant growth and an increase in fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


Disease and Pest Resistance

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of a resilient garden. By improving soil structure and fertility, our kit naturally bolsters your plants' defense mechanisms against diseases and pests. The presence of beneficial microorganisms, an oxygen-rich environment, and a well-nourished plant system discourage the proliferation of pathogenic organisms, reducing the likelihood of disease outbreaks.


Increased Soil Health

Our kit transforms your garden's soil, enhancing its fertility by adding nutrient storage sites and beneficial microorganisms. This amendment process enriches the soil with essential nutrients, a place to store them, and the microbes to replenish them. Improved soil health means your garden can sustain vibrant growth season after season.


Eco-Friendly Sustainability

By using our kit, gardeners can take pride in adopting practices that are not only beneficial to their gardens but also kind to the planet. The kit's focus on natural and organic inputs reduces or eliminates reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, turning your garden into a carbon sink and supporting the health of the local ecosystem.

BroxonBerry Farms explored the impact of our regenerative kit on lettuce growth.

grow bigger and healthier vegetables at home



from left to right: compost, storebought potting mix, farm south of location, farm north of location, farm scrap soil

An average of 33% larger yield by weight

Tested by a third party: the experiment sought to answer two pivotal questions: Can our kit enhance lettuce development and is this improvement a worthwhile investment for farmers or gardeners?
soil sanctuary liquid biochar for plants and soil

covers 400 sq ft of garden or 2000 sq ft of turfgrass

Soil Sanctuary

Soil Sanctuary is your garden's foundational support and nourishment source. Composed of an organic mix of biochar and humic acid, it's designed to enhance soil structure, boost water retention, and create a thriving haven for beneficial microbes. Beyond immediate improvement, this blend delivers enduring garden benefits and sustains microbial life, offering support for decades following application.

earth's embrace in-house inoculum and microorganisms for soil and plants

Each bag covers 400 sq ft garden or 6000 sq ft of turf

Earth's Embrace

Revitalize your garden's soil with Earth's Embrace, containing the four pillars of the soil food web. An innovative soil inoculum that acts like a probiotic for your garden. Made from a carefully balanced mix of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes, Earth's Embrace introduces a complex microbial community essential for nutrient cycling, pest suppression, building nutrient density, improving soil structure, and sustaining plant health.

green guardian bio-stimulant for soil and plant microbes

Each bottle covers 800 sq ft of garden or 5000 sq ft of turf

Green Guardian

Boost your garden's health with Green Guardian, an innovative bio-stimulant crafted to enrich both your plants and the soil's microorganisms. Its potent blend of naturally derived organic nutrients and amino acids provides all-around care, enhancing your plants' ability to withstand environmental extremes and strengthen their immunity system.



back to earth works soil and garden regeneration kit

All life requires food, water, and shelter. Back to Earth Works is the first kit of its kind that provides the cornerstones of soil life and the tools and resources to support them!


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Nature never stops evolving, and neither will we. Follow us for everything sustainable gardening and the science behind it. Discover the latest in eco-friendly gardening techniques, soil health research, and tips for nurturing your garden sustainably.

how to protect your soil and plants

Environment and Ecology

Reintroduce a balanced ecosystem - healthy soils lead to diverse gardens that attract a variety of pollinators and beneficial insects. This helps promote ecological balance and supports wider biodiversity conservation efforts.

Raw Vegetables
save your soil with back to earth works

Health Benefits

The direct consequence of a richer soil microbiome is the increased availability of nutrients for plants. This nutrient boost is particularly beneficial for edible plants, such as fruits and vegetables, which draw from the enriched soil to grow.

Community Kitchen Garden
how to garden sustainably


Our organic and all-natural products are a key part of a sustainable gardening practice. They contribute to minimizing soil and water pollution, enhancing biodiversity, and promoting the conservation of natural resources.

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