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Contribute to Regenerative Gardening Science and Earn Rewards

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Join a community for gardening enthusiasts committed to converting their outdoor areas into flourishing, eco-friendly sanctuaries. Participating in our program extends beyond cultivating visually appealing gardens; it's about contributing to a significant scientific endeavor aimed at enhancing environmental sustainability.

By collaborating with us, you're not just tending to your garden—you're actively participating in a global movement to better understand and protect our planet. We dedicate ourselves to enriching the soil beneath our feet, exchanging insights on sustainable gardening practices, and collectively advancing in sync with nature's rhythms.

How it Works

1. Register

Sign up to become a part of our growing community of eco-conscious gardeners. Create an account by selecting login up top. If you've already purchased a kit, you should have an account already.


2. Document

Using one of our templates keep track of your garden's progress using our kit, noting changes, improvements, and the overall health of your soil and plants. Share your results with us via email or by using #citizenscientist and #backtoearthworks on social media

3. Share

Submit your findings, experiences, and tips with the Back to Earth Works team and our community. 


1. Cash Back Rebates

Get cash-back rebates on your kit purchases for detailed submission of results.


2. Merch

Exclusive T-shirts, gardening tools, and other merch for active participants.

3. Heavy Discounts

Deep discounts on future purchases for every contribution made.

Shovel and Trowel

Why you should join

1. Contribute to Scientific Knowledge

Regenerative growing is the frontier of agriculture today. Experience can help enhance our collective understanding of regenerative gardening practices. Share your results and observations to contribute to a growing database that could redefine how we think about soil health, farming, and plant nutrition.

2. Direct Impact on Product Development

Nature never stops evolving, and neither will we. Your feedback will influence the evolution of our kits. By participating, you're not just a customer; you're a collaborator, shaping the future of sustainable gardening.

3. Skill Development

Enhance your gardening and scientific research skills through participation in structured experiments and data collection. Exclusive #CitizenScientist e-mails.

4. Exclusive Incentives

As a token of our appreciation, participants receive rebate incentives, complimentary merchandise, and future discounts. Your contribution is valuable, and we want to reward your pioneering spirit.

5. Be Part of the Solution

Your involvement directly contributes to a healthier planet. By fostering soil rich in microorganisms and reducing dependency on chemical fertilizers, you're taking a stand against environmental degradation.

Once you've submitted your information, we'll tailor your journey to match your specific interests by sending you customized work guides. These guides will lead you through the steps necessary to capture relevant data, ensuring that every observation you make and every piece of information you gather contributes meaningfully to our collective understanding.

If you are interested in participating in our program and gaining access to specialized work guides dedicated to advancing conservation and sustainability initiatives, please submit your information below. We'll send you more information along with a kit coupon to get your #CitizenScientist efforts started today! 

Contact Us

for more information on the program

(260) 267-0146


Thanks for submitting, we'll send you more information!

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