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To clean equipment and prevent biofilm buildup, thoroughly rinse all interior surfaces with clean water and pump it through the lines and sprayer nozzle. Detach the nozzle to flush out any hidden buildup, then reattach it.


For optimal efficiency and longevity, regularly clean and disinfect your gardening equipment using biofilm-removing solutions like 12% hydrogen peroxide. Ensure all parts are completely dried after use. Regular maintenance extends equipment life and guarantees effective operation for your gardening needs and delivery of our applications.

Urban Gardening

Cleaning your equipment after using our kit is crucial for several reasons, all aimed at maintaining both the effectiveness of your gardening efforts and the longevity of your tools.


Here’s why it’s important:

  1. Prevent Biofilm Buildup: The beneficial microbes, such as bacteria and fungi, in our kit can form biofilms if residues are left in sprayers or watering cans. Biofilms can clog and corrode your equipment, hindering performance and potentially introducing pathogens if not properly managed.

  2. Avoid Cross-Contamination: Cleaning after each use ensures that no remnants from previous applications interfere with future uses. This is particularly important to prevent the spread of any disease or the mixing of different chemical or organic treatments.

  3. Ensure Maximum Effectiveness: Residual chemicals or organic compounds in your equipment can become less effective or decompose if left over time. Cleaning ensures that each application is fresh and fully potent, providing your plants with the maximum benefit.

  4. Extend Equipment Life: Regular cleaning prevents the degradation of parts, especially from organic acids or minerals that might be present in the kit. By maintaining clean equipment, you reduce the need for repairs or replacements.​​

  5. Maintain Accurate Application: Residue build-up can affect the amount and rate of application, leading to inconsistent dosages and potentially less effective treatment. Clean equipment delivers precise amounts as intended, ensuring optimal results.


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