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Welcome to the heart of your soil transformation - our soil revitalization kits are designed with your gardening success in mind, offering tailored solutions for every garden space. Whether you've chosen our Small, Medium, or Large kit, you're on the path to a more vibrant, nutritious, and sustainable garden.


Back to Earth Works is committed to empowering gardeners of all levels with the tools and knowledge to cultivate thriving soil that gives back to the Earth.

Urban Garden

Step by Step

Our 100% organic gardening kit is a comprehensive system crafted to rebuild your garden ecosystem from the soil up. Join us in cultivating a chemical-free, vibrant, and more nutritious garden ecosystem. 

For gardens under 400 sqft, we recommend mixing our kit into 1-3 gallons of water for an even distribution.

how to use soil sanctuary from back to earth works

Step 01

Soil Sanctuary (SS) - 1.5 oz

Simply use the blue scoop provided with your kit, perfectly sized to measure 1.5 oz of Soil Sanctuary (SS). Mix the entire scoop with water for a fuss-free application. This one-step process guarantees the exact amount needed for enriching your garden, aligning precisely with SS's requirements for effective and effortless care.

Step 02

Earth's Embrace (EE) - 2 cups

Utilize the yellow marked scoop, a precise 1 cup measuring tool, add 2 cups of Earth’s Embrace (EE) into the mesh bag. After adding Earth’s Embrace to your water solution already containing Soil Sanctuary (SS), thoroughly massage the bag to ensure the EE blends seamlessly with the solution. This step enriches your water with a diverse microbial community, setting the foundation for a vibrant, healthy garden.

how to use earth's embrace from back to earth works
how to use green guardian from back to earth works

Step 03

Green Guardian (GG) - 0.5 oz

Next, incorporate the exact amount of Green Guardian (GG) using the provided 0.5 oz measuring scoop. Due to GG's potent aroma, we recommend conducting this step outdoors. This careful addition ensures your garden benefits from GG's nutrient-rich formula without the inconvenience of its strong scent indoors.

Step 04

Water your Plants & Soil

Once mixed, apply the solution with a watering can, squirt bottle, or sprayer. It can serve as a foliar spray or soil drench.

Aim for a minimum of 70% leaf coverage.

watering your garden with back to earth works
green guardian bio-stimulant for roots and microbes


For continuous nourishment of your garden’s ecosystem, incorporate the four bonus applications of Green Guardian (GG) halfway between the comprehensive kit applications of Soil Sanctuary, Earth’s Embrace, and Green Guardian.


promote root exudates with back to earth works soil kit

Beyond our bonus Green Guardian applications, Earth’s Embrace (EE) serves dual purposes: as a potent seed starter when mixed into potting soil (5-10% by volume) and as a natural remedy for pest and disease control.

*After dispersing Earth’s Embrace in water using the mesh bag, apply the leftover material directly to your soil for enhanced benefits.


Clean Equipment After Each Use

Immediate cleaning of equipment after use is vital to prevent the formation of biofilm

Biofilm is not only difficult to remove but can also harbor non-beneficial microbes that might be introduced to your garden. By cleaning your equipment right after use, you ensure that your next application is as effective as the first, maintaining the health of your garden’s ecosystem.

For those dedicated to maintaining their gardening equipment in peak condition, consider an end-of-season deep clean. Running a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water through your spray equipment, followed by a soaking period of 24-48 hours, can effectively sanitize and prepare your tools for their next use. This proactive step ensures that your equipment is free from any lingering organic material or pathogens, setting a clean slate for the upcoming gardening season.



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