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Vegetable Garden

 Nature's Solution

Transform your garden with our sustainable care strategy! Instead of relying on short-term chemical fertilizers, we focus on nurturing a nutrient-rich environment that promotes robust, healthy plant growth.


By enhancing soil health and fostering its natural microbiome, we build a resilient foundation for your garden. Our approach ensures long-term vitality and disease resistance, creating a thriving ecosystem where plants and beneficial organisms flourish together.

A Natural Pathway

Our Regenerative Gardening Kit provides a comprehensive approach to garden care, concentrating on nurturing the soil to foster a self-sustaining ecosystem. Just mix each step of our kit into water and use as a foliar spray or a soil drench.


This method enhances natural soil processes, rejuvenating and supporting them, which boosts soil and plant health over the long term. By revitalizing these essential processes, our kit reduces the dependence on any external fertilizers, not just salt-based ones, ensuring a more resilient and flourishing garden environment.

Lettuce Farm

Chemical Fertilizers

might give a quick boost, but they often degrade soil health and kill vital microbes. They seep past roots, providing only temporary nutrients. By revitalizing the soil and enhancing fungi-plant root symbiosis, we create expansive, efficient root systems. This natural method captures nutrients better and enriches the soil, ensuring lasting plant health and productivity.

Laying the Groundwork

By introducing a balanced mix of essential microorganisms and organic nutrients, our kit enhances soil structure, boosts nutrient cycling, and promotes a thriving microbial community. This approach leads to stronger, healthier plants and more productive gardens. Each component of the kit is designed to work synergistically, ensuring that your soil is not only nourished but also becomes more resilient and capable of supporting vibrant plant life over the long term.

Black Soil

Back to Earth Works

Back to Earth Works - Regenerative Garden Soil Kit

Simply mix our 3 components into water and use as a foliar spray or soil drench. Each kit includes four easy-to-use applications, plus an additional four bonus applications of Green Guardian and two bonus applications of Earth's Embrace for extra nutrient and immunity boosts. Just mix, water, and watch your garden thrive with our all-in-one solution for healthier plants and soil.

*Optimize your gardening year-round with our Standard Regenerative Gardening Kit, ideal for 4 full applications in 50-400 sq/ft gardens

Soil Sanctuary

STEP 1 - 1.5 oz per application | 50 - 400 sq ft

soil sanctuary omni certified biochar for plants and gardens

The Shelter and Foundation

Explore the foundation of a thriving garden with 'Soil Sanctuary,' our pioneering first step towards revitalizing your garden's ecosystem. Soil Sanctuary lays the groundwork with its unique 5 micron-sized BioChar charged with liquid Humate, creating an ideal shelter that nurtures the soil's natural life. This rich base is crucial for welcoming the diversity of beneficial organisms that contribute to a vibrant, healthy garden.

Garden Soil


Our biochar, derived from sustainably sourced softwoods, acts as a sponge for water and nutrients, improving soil structure and providing a stable home for microorganisms. Humic acid, extracted from leonardite, enriches the soil with organic matter, boosting fertility and encouraging root development. Together, they create a dynamic environment where soil life can flourish.


Soil Sanctuary's unique formulation not only improves soil structure and increases water retention but also sequesters carbon for centuries. This characteristic makes it not just a soil amendment for today but a sustainable choice for future generations, actively contributing to the reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels.


Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our sourcing. The BioChar in Soil Sanctuary is produced through high-heat, fast pyrolysis of single-source, renewable feedstock, and is activated to maximize its benefits. The Humates are extracted from naturally occurring humic shale, an ancient vestige of decomposed plant life, ensuring immediate bioavailability to soil organisms.

Earth's Embrace

STEP 2 - 2 cups per application | 50 - 400 sq ft

The Life

Earth's Embrace is an inoculum crafted in-house and acts like a probiotic powerhouse for your garden's soil. This product is designed to reintroduce and sustain a thriving community of beneficial microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. By restoring these crucial soil dwellers, Earth's Embrace revitalizes the very foundation upon which your garden's health and productivity stand.

earths embrace garden inoculum
Garden Soil


The transformative impact of Earth's Embrace on your garden is multifaceted. By enhancing the soil's microbial life, our inoculum unlocks essential plant nutrients, making them more accessible in turn promoting healthier, more vigorous plant growth. It also improves the soil's water and nutrient retention capabilities, optimizing hydration and nourishment for your plants. 


The presence of beneficial microorganisms naturally mitigates pest and disease threats through a variety of mechanisms, including inhibition, competition, and predation. This not only leads to a healthier garden but also reduces the need for chemical interventions. Earth's Embrace is a holistic approach to gardening. Lay the groundwork for a lush, resilient, and productive garden soil system.


Earth's Embrace is enriched with organic vermicast, produced from worms fed a strictly organic diet. This premium component is teeming with fungi, nematodes, protozoa, and bacteria — the very essence of a productive soil ecosystem. The inclusion of vermicast supports soil structure improvement, aids in decompaction, and provides an additional boost of essential microorganisms, further enhancing the environment for root development and plant growth.

Green Guardian

STEP 3 - 0.5 oz per application | 50 - 400 sq ft

The Food

Green Guardian is a dual-purpose food and bio-stimulant designed to empower your garden at the root level. GreenGuardian delivers a comprehensive nourishment solution, supplying a broad spectrum of macro and micronutrients essential for plant vitality. Beyond mere nutrition, this powerful blend is engineered to stimulate the production of root exudates, fueling the beneficial microbe populations colonizing your plant's root zone.

green guardian plant and organism bio-stimulant
Garden Soil


Green Guardian is a dual-purpose food and bio-stimulant that rediscovers soil health. By delivering an essential blend of macro and micronutrients, alongside a unique NPK ratio of 3:2:1, GreenGuardian ensures your plants receive balanced nourishment for optimal growth. Our mixture also boosts root exudate production which feeds and supports the soil microbiome delivered through Earth's Embrace


Green Guardian's impact extends further, offering protection against herbaceous insects through its nutritional support. Healthier plants are naturally more resistant to pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. This product embodies our commitment to sustainable gardening practices, providing a solution that nurtures both plants and the planet.


GreenGuardian's prowess lies in its custom blend, comprising organic acids, protein hydrolysate, arctic kelp extracts, and a tailored mix of micronutrients, all designed to work in harmony with nature. This potent combination is enriched with an amino acid complex and volatile fatty acids, meticulously balanced to maintain a pH of 3.5 for shelf stability.

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