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Soil Sanctuary

STEP 1 - 1.5 oz per application | 50 - 400 sq ft

soil sanctuary liquid biochar

The Shelter and Foundation

Explore the foundation of a thriving garden with 'Soil Sanctuary,' our pioneering first step towards revitalizing your garden's ecosystem. Soil Sanctuary lays the groundwork with its unique 5 micron-sized BioChar charged with liquid Humate, creating an ideal shelter that nurtures the soil's natural life. This rich base is crucial for welcoming the diversity of beneficial organisms that contribute to a vibrant, healthy garden.

Garden Soil


Our biochar, derived from sustainably sourced softwoods, acts as a sponge for water and nutrients, improving soil structure and providing a stable home for microorganisms. Humic acid, extracted from leonardite, enriches the soil with organic matter, boosting fertility and encouraging root development. Together, they create a dynamic environment where soil life can flourish.


Soil Sanctuary's unique formulation not only improves soil structure and increases water retention but also sequesters carbon for centuries. This characteristic makes it not just a soil amendment for today but a sustainable choice for future generations, actively contributing to the reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels.


Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our sourcing. The BioChar in Soil Sanctuary is produced through high-heat, fast pyrolysis of single-source, renewable feedstock, and is activated to maximize its benefits. The Humates are extracted from naturally occurring humic shale, an ancient vestige of decomposed plant life, ensuring immediate bioavailability to soil organisms.

Discover Step 2

Earth's Embrace

Our vermicast inoculum provides your soil with the organisms that are vital to root and plant growth.

Plant Biologist
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