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Green Guardian

STEP 3 - 0.5 oz per application | 50 - 400 sq ft

The Food

Green Guardian is a dual-purpose food and bio-stimulant designed to empower your garden at the root level. GreenGuardian delivers a comprehensive nourishment solution, supplying a broad spectrum of macro and micronutrients essential for plant vitality. Beyond mere nutrition, this powerful blend is engineered to stimulate the production of root exudates.

green guardian bio-stimulant for gardens
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Green Guardian is a dual-purpose food and bio-stimulant that rediscovers soil health. By delivering an essential blend of macro and micronutrients, alongside a unique NPK ratio of 3:2:1, GreenGuardian ensures your plants receive balanced nourishment for optimal growth. Our mixture also boosts root exudate production which feeds and supports the soil microbiome delivered through Earth's Embrace


Green Guardian's impact extends further, offering protection against herbaceous insects through its nutritional support. Healthier plants are naturally more resistant to pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. This product embodies our commitment to sustainable gardening practices, providing a solution that nurtures both plants and the planet.


GreenGuardian's prowess lies in its custom blend, comprising organic acids, protein hydrolysate, arctic kelp extracts, and a tailored mix of micronutrients, all designed to work in harmony with nature. This potent combination is enriched with an amino acid complex and volatile fatty acids, meticulously balanced to maintain a pH of 3.5 for maximum effectiveness.

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